Just Burlap Bags

Maria Varkaris

Location: Long Island, NY

I'm a born and bred NYer and have lived on Long Island for over 30 years, spending much time on the East End. I've seen firsthand how the deep roots of the small towns, farms and vineyards have allowed the east end towns to blossom into a landscape that is appreciated and desired by so many people from all over the world.  Long Island needs its own style of bags to reflect our lifestyles, bags that could go from farmstead to vineyard to dinner, bags that could be carried all day and be sturdy and eco-friendly, yet stylish too.

With the long history of the potato farms on Long Island, burlap was the perfect material to use. Just Burlap Bags don’t break when wet, they biodegrade naturally so as not to add more waste to the environment, and they are useful in all sorts of activities. Our anchor logo may seem like it is just another anchor for seaside towns, but it really represents how our communities are grounded together while at the same time keeping small businesses afloat, especially during hard times. It is a symbol which allows all businesses to offer our bags to their customers without the burden of individual business logo bags. So while we also can help a business produce their own bags with their own logo, we offer our logo bags as an alternative for businesses to purchase at smaller quantities. I hope everyone uses our bags to explore their neighborhood and leave a small eco-footprint behind, so that future generations can enjoy the beauty of our natural landscapes as well.