Made By Taylor

Taylor Neill

Location: Southampton, NY

I was born and raised in Southampton and graduated from Southampton High School in 2016. Afterwards, I received my bachelor degree from the business school at the University at Albany in 2020 where I majored in business with concentrations in marketing and management.

During the pandemic, I started to use my sewing machine to make masks for the local community and would donate them to Southampton hospital. I made over 2,000 masks in total and decided that it was time to learn something new.

From there, I downloaded the app TikTok and I got a lot of inspiration. That’s when I started making “sock tops”. I cut up socks and upcycle them into a crop top. I use brands such as Nike, Adidas, Champion, etc. I realized that I could start selling these tops on Etsy and Depop where I have had great success, selling over 300 of them. I was then asked by the owner of Coast Hampton, Laraine Gordon, if I could sell some of these sock tops in her store in Southampton Village.

My favorite part of this process is seeing others post on social media what they bought from me. The greatest joy is seeing my products on other people. Be sure to check out my Depop, my Instagram, and my Etsy accounts so that you will be the first to know when I have created my next ONE OF A KIND clothing article.


Instagram: @madebytaylor