MEET THE MAKER: Courtney Lee Hall

Bio: Courtney Lee Hall was born and raised on the North Fork of Long Island, NY. She has been dedicated to teaching, healing and continuously co-creating with the plant and spirit worlds for over 10 years.  She is a certified herbalist through the California School of Herbal Studies and a certified flower essence practitioner through Alaskan Essences. She focuses on formulation, homeopathy, flower essence therapy, holistic fertility and reproductive health, as well as respiratory conditions. She has studied under Nunutsi Otterson, Karyn Sanders, David Hoffman, David Dalton, Matthew Wood, Walter Crow and the late Steve Johnson. Courtney now resides in southern Arizona where she spends her time harvesting and creating plant medicine, hiking, fishing and working with her horse companions.
About her remedies; All products are a labor of love, with many taking on average 2-4 months to create. Many of her remedies are either sustainably harvested or grown by Courtney herself, and all other added ingredients used are always 100% certified organic. Oils are always sun infused and hand pressed, and each product is hand vortexed by Courtney too. Everything is always created in small batches to ensure maximum potency and freshness, and her signature flower essences are always added to raise the vibration of each remedy. She thanks you so much for supporting her small handcrafted and organic business and hopes you find comfort and healing with each remedy used. Visit her on instagram @plantspirits to stay up to date with classes and offerings!