Too much tech not enough soul

How many likes did my post get? Oh man 7....again, I need to be posting more, doing more, selling more, trying more, live reels more more more more 😩

Wow look at her grid, beautiful images, all those comments and those captions (I need to use more emojis ✨✨✨✨✨💚💚🌸🌸).

Wait hold up she has 1.8K followers, I have let’s see last time I checked (about 3 minutes ago) I have, ahem, 344 😂

Yep comparing our insides with other peoples outsides all during a pandemic where we are restricted and limited to what we can do, who we can see, where we can go. Even if the restrictions are in our minds, it’s still additionally challenging for everyone.

I need to remind myself I am enough I am doing enough I am being enough and it doesn’t matter how many likes I get on my posts.

Measuring myself against others is a common mistake and a trap we can easily fall into these days.

Reminding myself today if I’ve put in the footwork and I’m moving steadily towards my goals, then I’m exactly where I need to be.

Winter is a wonderful time to go within, nature gives us the gift of slowing down and reflecting on what’s important.

Whoa now that doesn’t mean sitting on your arse and eating s’mores 🍫 by the fire 🔥all day 😂 it just means slowing down and calming the monkey mind.

Long walks and getting outside are key for me even if it’s snowing! Make a big ole pot of vegetable soup today and go for a walk in nature and tell yourself I AM ENOUGH 🌟✨